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I have been writing poetry since I was about 10 years old, it is something I do often for myself, but I love when I am able to share my passion as part of prayer services or moments of need in our community. Below are a few examples of poems I have written and been able to use in various forms in Jewish spaces.

A Modern Eishet Chayil

A woman of valor is one of a kind,

Valued for her wisdom, ambition and mind

Eishet chayil is well balanced in heels and in life,

She is a compassionate person, friend, mother and wife

A woman of valor is passionate in all that she tries,

She empowers and brightens others lives

Eishet chayil does it all,

Running a business and taking care of a family, no task is too tall

Don’t be fooled by these flawless traits,

She ‘s vulnerable, asks questions and even makes mistakes.

Her pride and glory come from inside,

She exudes confidence and voice that reaches wide

She stands up to the challenge no matter the way,

She always has faith tomorrow is a new day

She’s always there to listen with patience and a hug,

But knows when to take a break and unplug

She finds a way to bring the community together,

Creating ties that will not sever

She walks with grace but sometimes falls,

And is not afraid to laugh at herself when the time calls

A woman of valor could be old or young,

She has words of wisdom and kindness on her tongue

She speaks mindfully and holds herself with sophistication,

She works and lives with drive and dedication.

Don’t question where or who?

She’s your sister, your neighbor, she’s a woman like you.

Soaring into the Barchu

Bending at the knees
Lowering our heads
Like birds ready to take a first flight
Our call to prayer is composed
Like a leap
A leap into prayer
Into liturgy
Into reflection
We bend our knees like a bird
peeking beyond its nest
and we respond with a call
we are ready
we are here
at the edge
we leap into flight on our wings
but with a lifting breeze of Havya
and an extra gust of the kehillah
we prep
we sing
we leap
into flight
into prayer.

City of Stone: An Ode to Jerusalem

 City of stone

The rosemary and fig trees

Fight their way through your cracks


Digging its way around your earthly tablets

City of stone

You retain the cold

The temperature

Of the evening

Is caught in your crevices

For days

No years

No centuries to come,

Your crevices withhold

A temperament

Of desert days

City of stone

You take practice to walk on

You build cautious sidewalks

And fatalities of steps

Your pathways


Line hills

That roll

Into the horizon

City of stone

I run my hands

Over your walls

I can feel the fragility

Buried in indents


Wind and rain

Destruction and beath-

I run my hands

Across your stones,

Because your walls are high

Retaining centturies of strength

Does not mean

You are any less

A city of home

Bless Me to be Enough

Bless me to be enough
Like each rustle of the leaf in the woods
Each broken branch
Crashing to the ground
And each strong breeze
That only adds to the harmony of the forest
Bless each bit of chaos within
And around me
To add to the harmony
Of this body
And this moment
God, grantt me your breath of life
And bless me to know
I am enough.

Prayer After the Tree of Life Shooting in Pittsburgh 

I pray for Shabbat
They say it has kept the Jewish people
And on this Shabbat
People no longer stand,
A peace has been stolen.
I pray
For a community
For a people
Holding fast to their tradition
For the holy lives
Fallen out of hate
I pray
For the One
Who left people behind
To mourn
Forced to carry on,
For the One who gives strength
To those beyond the bounds
Of this event
And those that walk among
The pain.
I pray
For the stained temple
The fallen kippot
The pierced prayer book,
I pray
For next Shabbat
For the person
Who will pick up that Kippah
For the child that will walk through those doors
For the family
That will find solace.
All these things,
We pray for.


Street lights
Beam upon late night sidewalks
Shaded branches glow in
Yellow evening light
A full moon rises above
To stars and endless sky
As shadows fall
To the stone below
Of pavement secured
For blocks to come
And the silhouette of leaves
Line this walk
Like a carpet of night
Among the brightness of
Stepped steady earth.

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